Making Innovation Truly Affordable

Fit-LINE is a leading U.S. designer and manufacturer of innovative, patented and cost-effective fitting solutions for high-purity fluid processing applications—especially end-users that require SEMI-F57-0301 compliant PFA and PVDF flare fittings.

In fact, Fit-LINE has been an ingenious problem-solver and trusted supplier to the Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Life Science and Ultra Pure Water industries for more than 20 years.

We're also committed to not only meeting your needs, but truly exceeding them. Which is why at Fit-LINE, you'll find that we offer:

STANDARD FITTINGS – In a wide range of sizes and specifications.

CUSTOM FITTINGS – Precisely fabricated and configured to your project's exact specifications. And all in a matter of days, not weeks or months, thanks to our proprietary technology.

HIGH-THROUGHPUT 1-1/4 INCH COMPONENTS – Featuring fittings designed to produce a significantly smaller footprint when assembled in typical applications.

ONLINE 3D MODELS & CUSTOM SPECIFICATIONS – Use Fit-LINE's website to download 3D models of standard fittings, specs and part numbers. Or to conveniently submit requests for customized fittings.

Dedicated To Quality Without Compromise

To eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination, and consistent with Fit-LINE's "Quality Without Compromise" product guarantee, dedicated molds and process equipment are used exclusively in the production of all of our high-purity components.

Equally important, Fit-LINE also employs its own proprietary cleaning and packaging processes—including a 5-stage component cleaning and rinsing procedure—conducted in an ISO 14644 Class 6 Clean Room, also known as a Class 1000 Clean Room —plus double polyethylene bag packaging to further ensure the highest level of component protection and contamination control.

A Global Supplier With A Local Philosophy

Although Fit-LINE is a global supplier by every meaningful measure, our approach to customer service couldn't be more local.

Bottom line, customer service is our number one priority. Which means, as a valued Fit-LINE customer, you can always count on getting the highest quality components—on a timely basis and at a fair price—with attention to detail throughout every step in the process.

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