Mobile TruFLARE™

Precise Assembly

Fit-LINE’s TruFLARE™ replicates the close tolerances consistent with FitLINE'S patented TightFLARE™ technology.

Our patented TruFLARE™ tube flaring system is designed for precise and repeatable tube flares, making fitting assemblies easier and more cost effective for standard size fluoropolymer tubing ¼” through 1-1/4”.

Application and installation usage has proved TruFLARE™ tube flaring technology to be far superior to any other existing tube flaring technology in use.

Click here to download "Model TF 416 Operators Manual".

Click here to download "MTF Hot Flaring Process Guide".

New Tru-FLARE Mobile Unit

 Mobile hot flaring

 Fast start-up time

 Range of sizes ¼” thru 1 ½” & 40mm

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