Tightens PFA
and PVDF nuts to the
required torque value, which
ensures leak-free assemblies.


 Wrenches are calibrated to preset torque values based on nut size.

 Wrench claw clicks over when required torque value is reached.

 Ratcheting action allows the nut to be rapidly tightened, making jobs easier and faster.

 Wrenches fi t easily in hard-to-reach places.

 Available for PFA and PVDF nuts.

Operating Instructions

Step 1

 Make sure claw is in start position, as shown in picture 4.

 Align teeth on claw with splines on nut, as shown in picture 1.

 Grip handle fi rmly and rotate clockwise to tighten nut.

Step 2

 Rotate handle up in a counterclockwise direction, as shown in picture 2.

 Grip next set of splines with claw and rotate clockwise.

 Continue steps 1 and 2 until claw clicks over, as shown in picture 3 and 5.

Step 3

 Snap claw back to its Start Position, as shown in picture 4.

 Tighten nut one more time until claw clicks over.

Note: Nut must be tightened twice with wrench.

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